Windows 11

They said that it was the last release of their OS, well, like rock stars and media celebs who re-invent themselves and will never retire. Microsoft hint at what they call an update to Windows 10 for later 2021. But in truth we see them with a major overall, which is essentially a Windows 11 - The Next Chapter.

Heavily reminiscent of OSX latest offering, are we at the start of the convergence of design. Guy Kawasaki ex Apple Design and Marketing who left Apple, after being quoted as saying, "I started to believe my own hype" hinted at "convergence of user space" years ago when Apple where in their ascendance. This hybrid sees even more of that Chrome-esque style seep through, and we wonder, especially when Microsoft already have their Linux offering now in full view, is it before like the idea of dedicated applications requiring dedicated OS, we may be at the start of having OS that are interchangeable as web based applications already are. With the move that has been built around "in app" revenue, it is only a matter of time before we see your operating system being just a insignificant layer to allow the running of what ever it that you need to run. It does seem to feel like the ideology of a simple OS, such as DEX from Samsung, or iOS from Apple, or Antix a Linux distro, we are standing at the dawning of Aquarius for what we will be running. Read more on the Microsoft announcement at the link below.

Windows 11: Release date, price, and everything you need to know | Windows Central

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