Well then...

We are a week or so in on our "journey" as people like to call it. What has happened, well frankly nothing has happened. We have filled in forms, had telephone calls with people who want to help us, but really they don't, they want to help themselves. We have had two enquiries for work, which I have turned down. So with my tail firmly between my legs. I have decided to have some RnR.

I was already a advocate of the PiAmiga, as it harkens to a simpler time, when it was not just all about speed, and the latest GPU shortage. No, it was a time when people really stretched the limits of the tech that was around them. So if any of you are interested we are offering the following: -

Pi Amiga Pi 4 in case with mouse and keyboard and 32GB Lite PiAmiga setup £120 128GB M/F Piamga £160

or if you want the PiAmiga in a P400 setup the 32GB is £140 or 128GB £180.

These are fully modified kit, you must send me proof of a the ownership of your Amiga or Amiga ROM's Colantro is acceptable.

We ship them in around 5 working days, provide a working video test in the return email. Pop us a line if you are interested.

The PiAmiga is a Raspberry Pi based emulated Commodore Amiga 1200/4000 that is preconfigured and comes complete with a large selection of retro entertainment. You must have legal rights to the Amiga ROMS, by sending us a email with this information on. If not we will return you money.


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