Mesh Networking

I must admit I was a cynic to the whole concept of MESH networking in a home. The costs alone seemed to out weigh benefits. But, then late one night I was having one of those scenario's where the stuttering internet was starting to grate, the constant buffering as my device trained onto a hotspot in the home that could offer a slightly better strength and the handover between a collection of routers was not the best. So I took the plunge and settled on a Netgear Mesh setup, which I managed to get as a Amazon return, so a lot cheaper than the RRP. There is a tip for you when you purchase of Amazon, check that the product has not got lurking at the side a cheaper alternative like a return or a slightly damaged box reducing the price. Its been a fortnight now and I must admit, yes, there is a slight drop in the overall speed that offers out from the network, but, on the whole it makes the jumbled network that we had a lot more neater, and I am working without as much management overhead, or worry about whether I need to reboot a device every so often to just get it to behave. No more stuttering so problem solved. MESH I have now come to love.


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